Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

Intensivkurs Arabisch in Oman

We are proud to announce the recent opening of Noor Majan Training Institute in Oman. Noor Majan Training Institute is specialized in high-qualified language courses. Besides our Arabic and English courses for Oman residents we also offer intensive month-long Arabic courses for students and language learners from all over the world.
Situated in the Omani interior town of Ibri, Noor Majan offers everything a foreign language learner desires: a genuine Arabic atmosphere in a country that unites tradition and modernity, Arab flavor and ethnic diversity, openness and traditional Arab hospitality in a unique style. Oman is taking its route to modernity at a breathtaking path without forsaking its rich tradition and proud identity. And while steps to open the country up gradually have been wisely undertaken by the Omani people under its ruler Sultan Qaboos, Oman remains a safe haven amidst a region of unrest and upheaval. Ibri itself is an ancient oasis with a rich archeological heritage, and lively traditions. At the same time it is only a two hour car ride from the burgeoning Dubai, thriving Abu Dhabi and bustling Muscat, the metropolis of the region.
Our courses at Noor Majan are offered in four different proficiency levels starting from Beginners I, which is equivalent to the level of a student after one university semester of Arabic instruction. The courses can be taken individually or subsequently. A typical course day consists of four hours instruction in Modern Standard Arabic followed by a lunch break. In the afternoon students have individual tutoring time, where they can do their homework, practice or solve questions with the help of a qualified tutor, who supervises the students during this period. The last section of a class day consists of mini-work groups with Omani language partners that help students practice their oral language skills and abridge foreign students’ access to Omani culture, traditions and dialect.
Our course packages include furthermore accommodation with Omani host families for female students or with Omani male students in shared accommodation, lunches on class days, excursions in Oman, as well as ground transportation in Oman.
All our teachers are qualified language instructors and use modern teaching technologies and methodologies with Arabic as medium of instruction. Our curriculum follows classical Arabic grammar structure but incorporates the vocabulary and grammar problems treated in leading international textbooks of Arabic, such as “Al Kitab fi taallum al-arabiyya” by Mahmud Al-Battal, “Modern Standard Arabic” by Ecehard Schulz or “Al-Kitab Al-Asasi” by El-Said Badawi.
For more information please visit our website or follow us on Facebook. We hope that the content, timing and prices of our courses are suitable for your students and will be looking forward to receive groups or individual students from your university. Please see the attached schedule for more information on levels, timings and prices for specific courses. We hope to establish a fruitful cooperation between our institutions.
Sincerely yours,
Samira Selle
Marketing & Student Affairs Manager Noor Majan Training Institute 

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