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Winter Break Intensive Arabic Study in Oman

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January 4-23, 2012

Study Arabic and explore one of the most fascinating and stable countries in the Arab world. Our Arabic language programs are recognized by the U.S. State Department, U.S. military agencies, the Omani government and many European and U.S. universities as being of superior quality.

INTENSIVE ARABIC LANGUAGE (3 to 5 credits; 75 hours)

Arabic, known for its fascinating complexity, is a language of literature, poetry and elegant calligraphy. It encompasses deep and abiding cultural traditions, making Arabic study a rich and rewarding learning experience. Arabic language is offered at three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Students learn Modern Standard Arabic plus Omani dialect, taught by native Omani instructors trained in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL).

Instruction                     Modern Standard Arabic, media literacy, passive comprehension and active use of 
                                         “educated speech” (lughat-al-muthaqqafeen) as used on Al Jazeera

Textbooks                      Al Kitaab fii Taalum Al-Arabiya I – III and other international textbooks, authentic
                                          media material

Schedule                         Five hours (four classes), five days a week
Assessment                  Quizzes, written exams and oral proficiency
                                          interview (OPI according to ACTFL rating, transferrable to European reference frame)

Class size                       Usually 5 to 8 students


Program dates              Program runs from Friday, January 4, 2013 through Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Program site                 Center for International Learning Campus, Muscat, Oman
Accommodations         Shared hotel suites in Muscat’s bustling Souk Al Khoud
Meals                              Weekday lunches at the Center for International Learning.
Transportation              Weekday bus transportation to/from CIL.
Excursions                     Two trips to Omani towns and villages, including one overnight stay in Bedouin tents
                                         in the Sharqiya desert.
Cost                                $ 2,930
Not included                  Airfare, other meals, books, optional excursions, visa, travel insurance

The view from Jebel Akhdar

Oman is an unforgettably beautiful country, with stark Arabian architecture, white-washed mountain villages, Bedouin desert camps, enormous sand dunes, and a 1,100 mile coast on the Arabian Sea. Nestled within its diverse geography, Oman is home to eight major tribal languages, a 5,000 year old falajsystem (small canals that transport water to the most remote villages), pristine mosques, and small towns that were ancient before the time of Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ.

Application deadline: November 23, 2012
For more information and to apply:

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